Finding Your Tribe as an Entrepreneur

   10th March 2020

The trend for female-centric coworking spaces that has been sweeping across the USA and Europe has now landed in Totnes.

The Tribe, which opened its doors in January, is a small shared office space in Castle Street aimed at creative female entrepreneurs. Founded by interior design blogger and freelance writer Stacey Sheppard, The Tribe is a new type of work setting born out of the sharing economy.

Stacey started working from home back in January 2019 and quickly found that isolation and loneliness had become a real challenge and she missed working in a professional environment with colleagues to bounce idea off of and push her outside of her comfort zone. Inspired by the likes of Hera, The Hivery, The Wing, The Coven and The Allbright, Stacey decided to create her own female-focused coworking space that specifically caters to the unique needs of women in business.

The Tribe provides female entrepreneurs with a safe space where they can feel empowered as they grow their careers and businesses with the support of other like-minded women. It is a comfortable and open-minded space for women to share business challenges and goals and to recognise that it’s ok not to have all the answers and to ask for help.

A series of events and workshops will be running at The Tribe that have been custom-created to address the needs of its coworkers. Designed to deliberately encourage networking and education, the events help women to gain the skills that they feel may be preventing them from reaching their business goals. Many of the events will be member-led allowing the women that use the space to leverage their knowledge and expertise to help their community learn and grow. The women taking the workshops will benefit from being taught by women they identify with.

The offices have been designed to feel cosy and homely with a particularly feminine aesthetic. The interior design of the space has been given a lot of thought to make it into an environment that not only looks great and feels comfortable but that is somewhere that professional women want to spend time.
Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road and is made much easier once you find your tribe and that is exactly what The Tribe hopes to achieve. A space, community and eco-system for female-led businesses to thrive.

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