XR21 Present Southwest’s First Immersive Arts Symposium

 XR experts share their knowledge and work in Europe’s first Immersive Dome in Market Hall, Plymouth, UK


Gilbert Gabriel

XR21 present their first Immersive Arts Symposium in partnership with Real Ideas, Plymouth University, Plymouth Arts, Plymouth City College and Falmouth University. The Symposium is aimed at producers, filmmakers, gamers, VR and installation artists and students who will experience XR21’s world premier concept work The Art of Dreaming and learn about how immersive arts are reinventing our future.


The day will be led by Dr Gilbert Gabriel and Amy Edwards. Gilbert is an an alumni of Dartington Arts, lives in Totnes and has worked with David Gilmour, Youth, The Dream Academy and Amy is an experienced lecturer and cellist who currently works at City College Plymouth. XR21 is an international collective of cutting-edge contributors that include Brooke Einbender, Rein Bijlsma (Photorealist and XR artist) and Kris Pilcher (XR and installation artist).


Rein Bijlsma (instagram)

During the day the participants will learn about AR, VR, MR and XR and explore how the field of ‘Sound Semiotics’ (‘what sound says’) can inform their work. They will become conversant with the fast-changing world of immersive sound and vision and will be introduced to recently released immersive sound software. The workshop will explore the possibilities of immersive sound and how these can be implemented in multi-media content. It will examine some of the new formats and introduce some of the new platforms for this purpose.


In the afternoon attendees will experience XR21’s innovative new work The Art of Dreaming that utilizes speech, film, music, sound design, dance, poetry and XR. It is a concept piece that explores how our world is rapidly changing owing to over-population and climate change and our need to adapt to those changes, collaborate with each other and hopefully become more tolerant of each other.


Kris Pilcher Installation

The Market Hall is a world-class space for digital innovation and learning situated in the heart of Devonport, Plymouth, UK. It has a state-of-the-art immersive Dome, which is the first of its kind in Europe. It also has flexible and inspiring workspaces for co-workers to interact with each other. Dr Gilbert Gabriel, Creative Director of XR21 commenting on the Symposium says: “It is a perfect environment for learning, exploring and networking at the Southwest’s first Immersive Arts Symposium.


The Symposium is on the 25th September and for more details and links to ticketing visit: https://www.xr21.net/

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