Other Worlds – Sam Richards



There are other worlds they have not told you of.

There are other worlds they don’t want you to know about.
There are other worlds they keep secret

In a bunker

Where they keep the love-a-ton bombs of accord

And goodwill

So that you won’t know.


There’s the world where peace

Is never more than a handshake away

And no one ever shakes hands

Because they don’t need to.

There’s the world where too much work

Is the eighth deadly sin

And any work at all is a shame

And deserves sympathy.

There’s the world where policemen and women

Wear bright yellow jump suits

And multicolored revolving sunglasses

And sit around in the sun

Smoking weed

Because they’ve nothing to do

Other than see strange visions of well-behaved neighborhoods.

There’s the world where the basis of all exchange

Is on the music standard
And if you need money

You can sing for it

The longer you sing

The more you get.
There’s the world where schools,

And colleges and universities

Are only concerned with education
(They haven’t told you of that world

And they’re not likely to…)

There’s the world where

Dogs occupied Crufts,

Grew their hair

Kicked out the dog trainers

And cocked their legs

All over the judges.

There’s the world where

Using up the globe’s precious resources

Is punished by no sex.

There’s the world where the term “creative industries”

Gets you sent to Coventry

Till the next full moon

When you attend a de-progamming seminar

To rid your mind of bollockspeak for ever.

There’s the world where the house band

Is Sun Ra’s Arkestra

With John Cage on the prepared harmonium

And Queen Latifah on vocals

Rapping the night away.

There’s the world where the busker on the pavement

Singing the blues to the market square

Has five votes

To the millionaire’s one.

There’s the world where police dogs

Have rubber teeth

And barbed wire fences and prison walls

Are made of licorice and cake

So you can eat your way out

And not feel hungry

And your Mum won’t worry about you.

There’s the world where government

Is a thing of the past

And self government

Is a thing of the present

And no government

Is a thing of the near future.

There’s the world where

There’s plenty of jobs to go round

And nobody wants them

And they throw garlic and crosses in your face

If you suggest they waste their time

Applying for them.

There’s the world where banks

Are against the peoples’ law

And Jesus H. is a cool freedom fighter

Who chucks the neoliberals out of the temples

For ever.

There’s the world where

There’s fountains of beer

In every park

And lakes of good wine

And breakfast in bed every morning

Served by millionaires

Who are finally doing something useful for a change.

There’s the world where

Refugees don’t need refuge any more.

There’s the world where

You apply for funding by writing a poem

And to Hell with your target audience

Risk assessment,

Outcomes, incomes and impact.

Yes there are other worlds they have not told you of

Because they’re afraid of an outbreak of sanity,

That’s why…

Not good for business,

That’s why…


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