Anti-Fracking March “Let Communities Decide”

The 3 imprisoned anti-fracking protesters

…have now been released, having previously been given custodial sentences on “manifestly excessive” punishment terms, by a judge with alleged links to a firm profiting from fracking.

One of the protesters, Rich Loizou, a nature connection and land-based learning facilitator at Schumacher College in Dartington and a tutor at a primary age forest school in Denbury, was in jail at the time of the march.

As Dr Larch Maxey explains in the video, the march was partially in support of having the convictions overturned ahead of the appeal.

Links / Involvement:

This is the link Larch Maxey mentioned if you’d like to respond – by 25th Oct 2018 – to the consultation on the government’s plans to class fracking sites as ‘permitted development’, on a par with adding a conservatory to your house!

Go Fossil Free- Let Communities Decide

See also this message:

“Dear friend,

We have a unique opportunity to stop fracking and build on the successful release of the Frack Free Three!

It takes just 1 minute to Email BOTH AND

saying you oppose their proposals to fast track fracking. All emails count.
This is an amazing opportunity, but time is running out! The deadline is 11.00am on Thursday 25 October.

When 60 000 of us respond we can stop fracking.

A quick recap:

Our Government’s proposing to fast track fracking by changing planning law, making it as easy to erect a fracking rig as a garden shed and removing local democracy from fracking. This would be catastrophic for our countryside, health, water and climate.

Email both and Your message can be as simple as “I oppose these proposals”. Ideally write in your own words, but the main thing is 1) Send both emails 2) Share!


Every response counts! When 60,000 people opposed fracking in Scotland’s consultation they declared ‘no social license’ and banned it.

You can make a difference! Petitions with thousands of signatures can be counted as just one submission! Please share this with your friends and let’s ensure that thousands respond to this consultation directly. 10 000 submissions have been made already lets make it 60 000+

Please don’t delay – this is a huge opportunity to help stop fracking!


Please forward this widely after you’ve sent both emails to and

On behalf of our children, our planet and our jobs – thank you for helping us stop fracking and protect democracy!

Larch, Lindsay, Steve, Seb, Laura, and the Let Communities Decide team”



national anti-fracking movement

Frack-Free Totnes

Rising Up – Extinction Rebellion

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