A Climate Change Response Centre for Totnes?

A local group of people inspired by the Climate Emergency Centre network  are in the process of establishing a Climate Change Response Centre in the middle of Totnes. It will be a place that hopes to inspire, educate & enable the community to respond effectively, intelligently & creatively to climate & ecological breakdown at a local level.

The group; Jem Friar, Johara Bellali, Jess Spencer-Keyse, Jo Reay, Emma Hopkins aim to support individuals, families, groups, businesses, organisations & councils to make more sustainable choices, reduce their carbon footprints, protect & reconnect to nature and to live in more regenerative & caring ways.  The team have a variety of relevant work backgrounds -working with INGOs, the UN, NGOs, non-profit organisations, housing associations & local climate emergency response council & community groups. Their combined and extensive experience spans successfully winning funding personally, facilitating wellbeing, climate, disaster risk, imagination and systems change workshops, community outreach, weaving and building, as well as local and global events planning.

The project is also supported by a group of local environmentally conscious volunteers and are deeply woven within the community.

The intention is to help our community to become more connected, resilient, prepared for & able to adapt to the changes that are occurring now & will continue in the coming years by creating a centre where all of the other local groups & organisations who are passionate about responding to climate & ecological breakdown in various ways can work together & have all of their projects showcased & publicised. It will be a hub where we can all work together in a mutually inspiring, energising & supportive manner, with shared resources & aligned purpose.

They would like to provide: workshops on all things sustainable & regenerative; a meeting space for groups & people’s assemblies; an eco-business work hub; counsellors & emotional support; education/school outreach programs; speaking events; film evenings; repair cafe sessions; energy advisors; a creative space for reimagining & new solutions generation & development; a listing of all the local green/sustainable businesses, etc.

They also want to provide easy & inclusive information about: all of the present local, sustainable, regenerative, eco projects; how we can each live more sustainably & resiliently; how to understand & measure our carbon footprints; renewable energy options; insulating & retrofitting our houses; local food, etc.

A crowd funding campaign has been set up and is running right now.

They recently received a matched grant crowdfunding award from Devon County Council to set up the centre which will help raise the initial finances to pay for the lease of the room/building which they feel would be best suited to a visible and prominent position to encourage a strong response recognising how important & urgent the climate & ecological breakdown challenge is.

If you would like to get involved they have a FaceBook group: : https://www.facebook.com/groups/totnesclimateresponse where updates are posted.

The campaign began on the 6th September & will run until the 8th October.

The crowd funder page is at: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/climate-change-response-centre

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