“Our Town, Our Plan”

A well-attended meeting on Wednesday evening upstairs at the Seven Stars showed full 100% support to campaign to unite Totnes to ensure the preservation of the iconic heart of the town, against plans to sell off land and build on it to raise money.

Late Addition: see link below to info-rich interview Georgina Allen gave to SoundArt Radio!!!

The so-called ‘Joint Local Plan’ – which no known local person has had any kind of hand in – includes plans to build houses in the rear of Market Square, options for retail outlets inside the main square and a large number of houses filling Heath’s Nursery car park.

The council is in line to raise many millions of pounds if these plans to sell off public land go ahead, and there was no doubt remaining in the meeting that this is purely about raising a lot of cash as a means to weather huge cuts from central government.

At last night’s meeting the voice of Totnes people was loud and clear – NO. The people of Totnes are not letting the town be treated with such contempt, and refuse to let the heart of this Historic Market town become destroyed by concrete to serve the council’s budgetary needs.


It was also agreed that plans to build 130 houses on the playing fields opposite KEVICC are totally unacceptable and must be withdrawn. Children need space to play and take part in sports, and the already very badly-congested road would become a complete nightmare all day every day.

Along with the whole T3 central section of town, it was agreed by those present that this area must also be removed from the plans.

An awareness-raising Celebration of Totnes Market will take place on Sunday 18th September, meeting at 11.00 on the plains.

There are also smaller events going to take place on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th but I haven’t been able to find details on that yet.

For up to date discussion of the whole subject: South Devon Watch FB is the best place to go; some key info is also shared here in the news section, including a really useful video, and the key petition, at close to 2,500 at last count.

New Facebook page specifically on this campaign: CENTRAL TOTNES CAMPAIGN

LATE ADDITION! Georgina Allen, very actively engaged in trying to add some sanity and clarity to the murky world of planning shenanigans around South Devon, gave this very clear, accessible and info-rich interview to SoundArt radio yesterday; I strongly recommend folks listen and share: https://soundcloud.com/rob-brown-29/georgina-allen-on-soundart-radio-08-09-2016?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=googleplus


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