Who benefits from Churchill Retirement Homes?

 10th September 2019

As a Totnes Town Councillor I find the over development of Totnes troubling.

Churchill Retirement have recently bought the Brutus Building; otherwise known as the old Co-op or Budgens site. I have been told by numerous sources that Churchill out-bid South Hams by a million pounds. They intend turning the site into a three story retirement apartment complex with a private garden and parking that have already been  advertised nationally.

The impact this will have on our town in terms of infrastructure, parking, foot-fall and image would be detrimental in my view. Our town is already struggling with basic services, as well as an ageing local population, lack of parking, affordable housing and numerous other problems.

Churchill responded to our concerns at the quote-unquote “consultation” by saying our problems were national ones and resorted to their own statistics, always towing the company line. Some of these issues we are concerned about, do reflect nationally but this is not a national issue, this is a local issue and it became so when they decided to build 40 plus apartments in our town centre.

Churchill’s bottom line is to create revenue with no societal obligations or care for our town. After speaking to many residents both in person and online as well as fellow town and district councillors, I have not met anyone who wants or thinks this is a good idea. One lady I spoke with, aged 94, said that if they went ahead with this development it would “rip the heart out of Totnes.” I found this surprising and powerful. I would have thought that out of the numerous older people I had spoken to, they would be in support of this development as it is meant to target their demographic but the real clientelle sought by Churchill, is not the local ageing population, but big money downsizing retirees from up country.

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Janet Foxley The whole town will benefit including the local shops & up market cafes & restaurants & clubs & out of town grocery stores. People who retire in these apartments are active & form good local groups eg Bridge, chess, walking, historical visits. I have many friends who are in Churchill in South & Midlands & Devon. All are very happy there. I town will hopefully be an “all year location” where there are no unique shop closures & very few charity shops & cheaper goods shops. I love Lawsons in Totnes & Tavistock. The latter is near where I live & have lived as a professional widowed female for over 25 years.

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