Totnes Town Council the first Council to adopt the Ramblers’ Charter for Walking Neighbourhoods

6th August 2019

Last week, the Town Council pledged to work in partnership with Totnes Ramblers to ensure that the town’s neighbourhoods are green and walkable, and to improve local residents’ physical, mental health and wellbeing by encouraging them to get outside and be active. The Ramblers’ Charter for Walking Neighbourhoods sets out five clear steps councils can take to make their neighbourhoods better for walking.

Celia Minoughan, Totnes Ramblers (second left), with Totnes Town Councillors (from L to R) Councillors Colin Luker, Claire Allford and Louise Webberley

The Ramblers’ vision is for networks of green walking routes that connect people from their doorsteps to the places they want to go. Totnes Ramblers chairman Andrew Chadwick said: “Totnes Ramblers are delighted that Totnes Town Council has adopted the Ramblers’ Charter for Walking Neighbourhoods. We hope that this will result in positive action being taken to improve the walking environment in the Totnes area and we look forward to working with the council to achieve this.”

Tom Platt, Ramblers director of advocacy and engagement, said: “We want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of walking and connecting to nature, wherever they live and work. To achieve this, communities and local authorities need to work together to create neighbourhoods that are designed around people, making them green, enjoyable and safe places to walk. It’s fantastic news that Totnes Town Council have adopted our charter and we look forward to seeing the positive steps they will take to put it into action. We hope other councils across the country will now follow their lead and help us create a country that is truly designed for walking.”

Totnes Town Council said: “We support the aims of the ramblers’ charter for as they reflect objectives set out in the town’s Transport Policy and Strategy and also in the draft Neighbourhood Plan which looks to improve pedestrian access and links, and encourage walking for health and wellbeing as well as being an alternative for car use.”

More information on Totnes Ramblers can be found on their website here, which includes details of the group’s walks programme. Totnes Ramblers welcome newcomers to join them for a walk in the beautiful countryside of South Devon. Full information on the Ramblers’ Charter for Walking Neighbourhoods is available here.

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