An immersion into a world of art.

A walk up the wooden stairs to the Angel Gallery in South Street will land you in a world of artistic peacefulness. Lebanese born Azul-Valerie Thome and Katz Cowley the creator of the childrens book that has become a hilarious viral you-tube sensation.

Azul is weaving a colourful belt that has been commissioned using a simply devised loom apparatus. She is the founder of SOULand as an antidote to our current commercially controlled world engaging in nature based ritual, training art and mentorship as a way to re-aquaint humanity with a deep relationship with the earth and “co-create the world of our longing“. It’s not just idle talk. She has worked with an architect envisioning a strangely ancient yet futuristic building design for an ‘Earth Temple’ that she is hoping to bring into reality on the outskirts of major towns as a place of retreat that can also have hidden places for refugees. There is no association with religion as such and it purely about earth based connection. There is a hope to create the first in a location outside of Brussels. Back in the Angel Gallery,  a small yurt is placed in the room which is a space where visitors and stay in meditation or simply sit peacefully.

Katz Cowleys work has a light, ethereal sense and in many cases, an obvious sense of humour with a combination of painted and sculpted works. One of the pieces is directly above the heat emanations of a heater that playfully brings the hair of a tiny sculptured face to life.

There are a series of BeWilded workshops and events which are listed in the what’s-on section of this website and details on their own facebook event page in several locations including on the Sharpham Estate.

The Angel Studio is currently Be-Wilded’s central ‘home’ for several multi-event driven immersive experiences and happenings.

UNTAMED CREATIVES with Katz on Wednesday 14th November: 4.30~6.30pm
(concessions available)
An embodied drawing session merging music, movement, mark~making &
self expression.
Tapping into inner & outer impulses for creative juice & fuel.
Draw, dance & express.
(All drawing materials supplied)

INNER COUNCIL OF A QUEEN (for women) MAX 12 women with AZUL Thursday 15th November: 4.30~6.30pm
​£20 per person clay included BOOKING ESSENTIAL
We will work with red clay to identify and inCORPorate a few women archetypes.
An exploration of what our lives and Life would be when we create from our Queen, from our Sovereignty …
See link for more details about the full ceremony on 7-8-9 Dec:

INITIATION INTO INNERSENSE with Azul Friday 16th November 4.30~6.30pm
(Cost by Donation)
A two hours offering of deep creativity, ensoulment and delightful mystery..

GATHERING OF HEART with Katz Saturday 17th November  7.30~9.30pm
(£5 suggested donation)
A community event & creative call to share your longings for the world you wish to see, create and be in.
Poems, songs & all forms of self~expression to share from your Heart in a beautiful community space.

CREATIVE EXPRESSION ~An open forum talk & discussion with Azul & Katz  Sunday 18th November
(£5 suggested donation)–an-art-experience.html

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