The Totnes Lib Dems welcome Sarah Wollaston

16th August 2019

 Lib-Dem Councillor John Birch contacted the Totnes Pulse to make a statement regarding Dr Sarah Wollastons’ move to the party.

“I welcome Dr Sarah Wollaston as the new Lib Dem MP for Totnes

it is time we put our differences behind us

Political affiliations are changing. Old tribal loyalties are shifting as we face a national crisis brought about by the no-deal rhetoric of those who are blind to its consequences. Sarah Wollaston has long been a committed campaigner against Brexit and the damage it will do to the economy and our communities and I welcome the opportunity to work with her to stop Brexit.

If the other parties out there want to engage in the kind of gamesmanship we’ve been seeing on Facebook I think it’s rather sad.  It’s also a clear indication that they are not placing the need to stop Brexit at the top of their priority list. For all those who want to stop Brexit it is time we put our differences behind us and worked together to stop this rush to the cliff edge and its subsequent disaster.”

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