The Power of Making

Sue Rossiter – ‘elemental’

 15th October 2019

The Art of Three will be exhibiting paintings, mixed media works, sculptures and a large-scale paper installation at the forthcoming exhibition; ‘The Power of Making’ opening at The Gallery at the Ariel Centre, King Edward VI Community College, Totnes, in November

Claire Scott ‘planter’


A collaboration of three Devon-based artists; Melanie O’Hanlon, Sue Rossiter and Claire Scott, The Art of Three have come together for this exhibition to share the power of working with materials and how this has shaped each of their art practices in a different way, and also influenced them on a personal level.

Lucinda Wheater, Gallery Curator and Arts Coordinator said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to see dynamic artwork incorporating a wide variety of materials including paper, wire, clay, paint, plastic and wool. The works will be displayed in the light-filled gallery at the Ariel Centre – the largest contemporary gallery space in Totnes, alongside examples of the artists’ working processes, and the materials and tools they use showing what is possible and the power of working with materials.


The exhibition runs from the 5th to the 23rd of November with a Meet the Artists event which is on Saturday the 9th from 2 until 4pm

Melanie O’Hanlon – ‘abundance’

Gallery Opening Times: 

Monday – Friday  9.30am – 4 pm

Saturday – 9.30am – 12.30pm

Admission is free.

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