Totnes Town Council Flies in the Face of Best Practice

Totnes Town Council Flies in the Face of Best Practice With Market Square Consultation

The Council has demonstrated an interesting sense of timing in announcing the consultation period over improvements to the Market Square.
So interesting as a matter of fact that it flies in the face of best practice as espoused by the UK’s Local Government Association.

Latest plans for the Totnes Market Square
Latest plans for the Totnes Market Square

TTC published its plans for the Square last week and stipulated that the consultation period would end on January 1.
That gives the local citizenry just three weeks in which to make its feelings known about the proposals to modernize the space. That’s not much time over the busiest of the year for people to make informed comments.
The Local Government Association, in its guidelines for such consultations, cautions against posting such announcements over holiday periods.
Furthermore, the LGA suggests that best practice for such things is between six and 12 weeks. So full marks to the TTC, they’ve managed to sidestep not just one but two best practice provisions in one fell swoop.

All Good but no teeth!

Unfortunately, the LGA is not an entity that can enforce its recommendations; it just simply advises. But in this case, you would think common sense and courtesy would prevail and we would have a proper consultation period. But since we have to play the hand we’re dealt, the Totnes Pulse strongly urges everyone to URGENTLY check out the new designs and go on the Totnes Town Council website and make their feelings known.

Comments can be dropped off at the Council Offices behind St Marys Church or emailed to the Town Clerk at 

One hopes that at some point in time the planning consultations in Totnes will be in the spirit of the word “consultation” and in the meantime we will have to do our best.

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sam richards
sam richards
2 years ago

Most such consultations tend to be irrelevant anyway. With the exception of the protest about building housing in the centre of town – which was a rare example of (temporarily) effective protest – I can’t remember a time when my view, or the views of any citizens, counted for anything.

Peter Shearn
2 years ago

Totnes Pulse Note: This article originally indicated that South Hams District Council was responsible for setting the deadline. We have been updated that the 1st January date has been set by Totnes Town Council, not SHDC.
We apologise for this error.

Frustrated reader
Frustrated reader
2 years ago
Reply to  Peter Shearn

Why do you still refer to SHDC in wording? How about supporting the plans to make the town square a better place, rather than such negative twaddle

Peter Shearn
2 years ago

Thanks for your comment frustrated reader, however this article (and Totnes Pulse for that matter) is fully behind making the town square a better place. The article is about pushing for a consultation to be completed in just 3 weeks over a Christmas / New year holiday period.