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Win dinner for 4 @ The Bull


The Why This Field Campaign in conjuction with The Bull and Totnes Pulse are presenting a chance to win a delicious meal for 4 people* at Geetie Singh-Watson’s Bull Inn.

Here’s Why…

Why This Field, and the SOFA campaign before it, have successfully prevented the Elmhirst Site and Lower Field opposite Kevicc School from becoming a developers dream and a local nightmare. SO FAR…

Now the space is owned by Education South West and the remit has changed somewhat with Totnes Heritage Trust working with the Town Council, SHDC,  WTF and other partners to finally secure the field for the community.

Trouble is…

…if WTF are to play a serious part in the continuing process, fancy bona-fide companies won’t want to be associated with such a flippantly rude acronym!! It worked well getting attention at the time, but now, not so much…

So WTF! need a new catchy name and they want YOU to help.

All you have to do is write to info@totnespulse.co.uk  with your snappy new name and a very short two line reason for your idea – if you want to sketch a logo too, we won’t stop you!

Here’s the good bit – The WTF! team will choose the best entry and the winning choice will get a lot more than just a warm fuzzy feeling. You’ll be eating out with 3 of your friends and/or family at the fabulous Bull Inn where there are:

Nine No-Bull Rules to Dine By

1/9 Deliciously Simple Food -unfussy, sensibly sized, cooked-from-scratch dishes

2/9 Organic (Obviously) – because it’s the farming we need in the world

3/9 Seasonal – because the seasons choose the best for us and the planet

4/9 Veg-First – its the starting point of all our cooking

5/9 Field-Grown Not Flown – no heated greenhouses, no air freight, Fairtrade first

6/9 Mindful Meat – we use the whole ethically reared beast

7/9 Supplier-Led – our menu writing starts in the fields and sea, with likeminded producers

8/9 Enlightened Drinks – biodynamic, natural, organic

9/9 Thought-Through Fish – day boats only, ethical fishers, whole catch, including legal by-catch


Send your entry through by 20th December and the winner will be announced in the next edition of the ALL new Totnes Pulse.

*Terms and conditions will apply (They always do).

Also, we love your input but please don’t post them here on the website – it won’t count and you’ll be giving your ideas away!


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