Vire Island in Jeopardy?

They're coming to take it away!

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Vire, twin town of Totnes has warned they are making preparations to take back Vire Island following Brexit by the UK.

The lovely idyllic outcrop was gifted to Totnes in 1974 to great excitement when the entire town stood on the harbour to welcome it’s arrival by tugboat. The specially selected two acre plot was the main park in the beautiful town of Vire in Normandy which the townspeople generously voted to pass on to their new twin town of Totnes as a gift of celebration. The island arrived to much fanfare and cheering and has since been moored up outside the Waterside Bistro for Totnes to enjoy.

However with the onset of Brexit, the ‘bon humour’ has waned between the twin towns and the mayor of Vire, Jules Eastapott, has been heard to say they want their island back. “Si vous insistez pour le brexit, nous voulons récupérer notre parc”

No Boules!

The main repercussions over and above losing the beauty spot include having nowhere for locals not to play pétanque, secret areas for illicit drinking and sadly the cancellation of the popular, long running ‘Vire Island Discs‘ show on Soundart Radio. The dj and presenter on the programme, Alex Marsh is probably very cross about the situation.

A last ditch attempt at allowing it to stay here and declare it as French territory failed because no agreement could be reached as to whether there should be a hard border with a customs gate set just off the old bridge. In fact the discussions never began as no-one was quite sure what the question was and no-one knew what they wanted anyway. A shame, since being able to enjoy a foreign holiday or short break in France without the hassle of ferry crossings or air travel sounded very promising.

Negotiations have started to arrange the removal with a tugboat provider in Roscoff where the island will be moored before being returned to the large space in Vire that was left behind after its removal in 1974.

No comment has been made by SHDC or Totnes town council.

Tug pulling vire Island to twin town Vire following Brexit

Artists impression of the removal

  6 comments for “Vire Island in Jeopardy?

  1. 28th October 2018 at 5:19 pm

    How dare the french can theycan take away vire island,it not theirs in the first place,they were only twinned on our good will to be friends

  2. Lord Brexiteer
    29th October 2018 at 6:45 am

    This is madness, Totnes has spent hundreds of pounds improving the island over the past 25 years, new bench, dog poop bins and I think I am right in saying a new life ring at one end. It’s time to get Theresa May involved so we can keep our island, have all the benefits of having it in our river and I suggest get the Vire mayor to pay for its upkeep in the future.

  3. Maybot
    29th October 2018 at 11:53 am

    Great idea – let Vire have it back and fill the hole it leaves with water. Stick up a barrage with a lock gate to keep the water in and fill it with shiny boats. House prices can rocket further and the streets will be filled with life jacketed/red short wearing high net weaalthies. Just think of the benefit to the local economy.

  4. Matt P
    3rd November 2018 at 11:32 am

    We need a wall….the biggest sea wall the world has ever seen. And get this folks, we will make the people of Vire build it.

  5. Marcus Taylor
    10th November 2018 at 8:44 am

    Will the frenchies take the rats with them too?

  6. Trevor tapper
    16th December 2019 at 12:22 pm

    The island was there way before the french ever came to Totnes so it belongs to Totnes any way it been there over 60years That I can remember

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