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The Gig4Gaza2 – Peace & Hope

My partner Bev woke up a couple of weeks ago feeling depressed about just how futile she felt about the appalling situation in Gaza. We are so physically far away from the horrors but in many ways, through friends, acquantances and emotionally have a direct connection to ordinary people who are displaced, in mortal fear and daily terror.

There has to be a peace, for the people of Palestine and Israel and the utter destruction re-built, but what can WE do? We cannot just stand by.

Pete Shearn and Bev Knowlden - Jazzient

Raise money.

The medical and general aid in Paelestine is in total collapse, the least we can do is fundraise for essential supplies so as musicians, Bev suggested we play our music to do this. The original Gig for Gaza was a very successful event, so why not try a Gig for Gaza 2? It wasn’t long before we were talking with previous organisers and the process kind of drove itself. I checked with the other Directors of Totnes Pulse and it was agreed that this is something we want to help with. We will be sharing the proceeds with our very own Hands Up Project who have done amazing work with children and education for many years in Palestine, Medical Aid for Palestinians who are providing essential healthcare in extraordinary circumstances


One thing Totnes is lucky to have is a wealth of great talent so arranging the stage is probably the easiest part. The incredibly dry wit, Matt Harvey was lined up for another Gaza gig already and Gilbert Gabriel jumped at the chance to put together his Dreamadelica band to perform new music and hits from the past. Jazzient is Myself and Bev and following the spellbinding performance from Lea Lazelle and Mamadoury Diallo, they had to come back! Poet Tom Hirons will return as a very adept Master of Ceremonies and singer/activist Rose Ellis will start the evening off. We will also hear a beautiful a cappella song ‘No More War’ from Holly Ebony, Faith Burch and Helen Yeomans.

Generous People

Poet Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey

We’re in the process of organising and getting a team together with Stage Manager Mo Habib and Sound Engineer Ben Addicott looking after the stage.  We have volunteers already but if you would like to help out please write to info@totnespulse.co.uk.

In the meantime, you can get your tickets here for just £10


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