Ru Callender – Jimmy Cauty’s ADP Riot Tour

I'm a fanboy, that's the truth. I've always been captivated by everything that the KLF, (K foundation, K2 Plant Hire, JAMS, Bill and Jimmy) have ever done. My first huge euphoric rave was soundtracked by What time is Love? The first argument I ever had about art was over the burning of a million quid. By the way, yes, they ...
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Sea Change Festival – Leo Trimming and others had a blast!

3 Sea Change Punters Give their Verdicts - Alistair Moffat, Nigel Pickles and Leo Trimming The Parrots by Alistair Moffat   Madrid's the Parrots have certainly brought some Mediterranean heat with them this evening as they take on Friday's 7pm slot in the Civic Hall. The fact that they are here at all is testament to the fondness the folk ...
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Sam Richards on Pianarama Festival 8th-11th September

Improviser, composer, writer and educator Sam Richards discusses a piano festival he and Totnes School of Piano partners Lona Kozik and Elie Fruchter have planned for September, at a variety of venues, including Totnes Cinema: PIANARAMA FESTIVAL ANYONE FOR BARTOK? Anyone who can play a short piece of piano music, from beginners to more advanced, is invited to take part ...
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