Yes, The Totnes Pulse is totally multimedia  – welcome to our radio show…

The next show will be on the 10th December @ 6pm – listen live on fm radio or online here.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 19th November 2018
Featuring Poets, Susan Taylor, Simon Williams and award winning artist Steve Nayar

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 19th November 2018
Featuring John Anderson, Colin Orr from the Totnes Cinema and Councillor John Birch

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 5th November 2018
Featuring Massimo de Majo, Julie Mullen and John Anderson

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 22nd October 2018
With Lyn Price, Robert Garnham and Helen Swan

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 8th October 2018
Featuring Georgina Allen, Helen Beetham and Sam Richards

  1 comment for “Radio

  1. Jennifer Wellwood
    16th Nov 2018 at 4:00 pm

    Fab!! Great shows , great innitiative – great to hear lots of views and local angles…..

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