Yes, The Totnes Pulse is totally multimedia  – welcome to our radio show…

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 23rd September 2019
It’s all about Party In The Town this time… Katie Whitehouse, Gillian Healey, Julie Mullen and John Elliot raid the studio to inform and entertain whilst telling us all about the most amazing event due to occur next Saturday the 28th…

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 20th August 2019
John Anderson tells us more about Sarah Wollastons’ defection to the Liberal Democrats this week while he and Peter Shearn are starstruck with Gilbert Gabriels’ tales of working with Pink Floyds Dave Gilmore during his hit-making time with Dream Academy in the 80’s and now returned to Totnes for his next musical project – EverDream. Also available as a Podcast – click here.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 22nd July 2019
Why no bypass for Totnes? What’s with setting moths on to wollen artworks? These questions and more are answered by Councillor John Birch and extraordinary artist Sarah Vaci – who is getting national news attention for her ‘Pest’ installation at the Artisan Gallery in Torquay . Also available as a Podcast – click here.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 16th July 2019
It’s some culture this week in the form of historic Totnes. Kathryn Alexander takes time off from pulling pints at the Bay Horse to inform and entertain with stories and explanations from the earlier days of beloved Totnes from the Saxons onwards – truly fascinating and we must have her back for more. Also available as a Podcast – click here.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 1st July 2019
An enthusiastic Georgina Allen and John Anderson pop into the studio to tell us all about the St Mary’s Church Heritage Trust and the multiple projects including a time-snapshot map for the floor of the Church and a possible American roadtrip – great fun! – Also available as a Podcast – click here.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 17th June 2019
Inside workings and news about the Barn Cinema in Dartington from Will Kemp and Straw Hat Media tycoon Adrian Birtwell explains the work they do in South Street.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 10th June 2019
Sima Cutting from The Kitchen Table joins us with a dodgy microphone (sorry!) and Matt and Andrew from LifeWorks Charity Tell us all about their Crowdfunder campaign for Ordinary/Extraordinary 2019

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 21st May 2019
Artists Ann Chester-King, Bev Knowlden, Lesley Goss & Steve Nayer crowd out the studio to tell us about TDoS – Totnes & Dartington Open Studios. We also have a guest appearance from the spectacular Julie Mullen.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 13th May 2019
We’re getting down and dirty with the grittier end of the music spectrum with Generating Steam Heat the DJ’s with energy & attitude – Ed X and Gentleman Jim – both making it clear that we don’t know what we’re doing with the Soundart controls…

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 6th May 2019
It’s all about the Totnes Alive Festival day this week. Coming up on the 8th June in St Johns Church Bridgetown, Erica Lewis gives us the rundown of what inspired the event and how it is expected to turn out on the day – listen again here and check the website

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 30th April 2019
Yes, we’re back from the SoundArt Radio fire-blaze of 2019 with the power behind the BodyKind Festival in the forms of Dinah Gibbons and Holly Neville. Also we have a phone conversation with Ben Osborn about his new album ‘Letters From the Border’

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 8th April 2019
It’s a guest relay episode with Sophy, Sara and Nadia running in and out of the studio to tell us all about their Arts Lab project opening up artful opportunities for all ages. With some intriguing information on future evening sessions – exciting!

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 1st April 2019
Armed with an armful of great music, Katie Whitehouse explains how to be a successful music promoter (Spoiler: Bloody Hard Work!) with tracks from Reg Meuross, Charlie Dore and Harbottle & Jonas.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 25th March 2019
Phil John and Tim McGill shake up the Totnes Pulse Radio show with their crazy brand of dynamic theatre in the form of Baobab – watch out for the (entirely planned) curveball from Tom Waits.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 18th March 2019
Fiona Ward coordinates the local support group Caring Town dedicated to helping over 80 individual charities, state assistance and voluntary organisations to get in touch with the people that need them most. Born out of Totnes Caring and Transition Town Totnes amongst others, Fiona tells us about the Caring Town Fair on Saturday 23rd March

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 11th March 2019
Martin Ryan from Narnia Totnes and partner of artist Julie Lafferty talks to us about his eclectic shop and The much missed Timehouse Museum as well as a discussion on chain stores in Totnes High Street – good or bad or both?

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 5th March 2019
Ru Callendar & Claire Callendar of the Green Funeral Company regale us with their own unique anarchy and discuss the meaning of grief, death and how they respond and work with bereavement. We also talk about The Toxteth Day of the Dead, Peoples Pyramid, Mumufication  and working with Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty of the (ex) KLF.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 18th Febuary 2019
An exciting programme of high energy, positivity and creative action with Anna who helped organise and take part in the recent Student day of action against Climate Change in Exeter followed by Calypso, Mia and Lily who tell us about their efforts to bring the Elmhirst Centre back to life for the town of Totnes with the Golden Iris project

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 11th Febuary 2019
CyberBullying is unpleasant at best and life destroying at worst. We discuss this serious subject in the Studio with Mark El-Kadhi in his role as one of the FaceBook Totnesians page adminstrators and with an recorded interview with Dr Sarah Wollaston and the very real abuse she encounters as a woman MP in the firing line.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 5th Febuary 2019
Creativity comes to the fore this week with an outline of the upcoming TotnesXX Festival with Lee Friese-Greene from Pavlova and Media company Straw Hat Media with Adrian Birtwell. John Anderson reports on the effects of Brexit and musical creativity locally and in the UK as a whole.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 28th January 2019
Its coming to the end of winter and we look ahead to some outdoor activity in the form of sports. Malcolm Mawby pops in to tell us about the Totnes Bowls Club and Mark interviews Tonia Gooderham about the Totnes Tennis Club

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 21st January 2019
Were joined by the inspirational Pa Harding and Charlotte Farrar from Plastic Free Totnes and Mark heads out to interview Richard Daws to talk about the Newton Says No! campaign

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 14th January 2019
Kate and Chris Jackson from Brixham argue the case for leaving the EU with remainers Georgina Allen and Emily Price. The debate was lively and we had 10 questions but didn’t even manage 5! Many thanks to all the participants.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 7th January 2019
Kicking off 2019 is Jamming Station. Featuring Co-ordinator Ryan Hamilton with Amber Walters and Eden Roderick who both contribute amazing songs performed live in the studio accompanied by Ryan on a classical guitar. Don’t miss this, it’s a real treat!

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 17th December 2018
Were joined by Laurel Ellis and Colin Luker from the Local Labour party explaining Universal Credit and by John Anderson who takes us through the new designs for the Market Square.

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 10th December 2018
With the extraordinary Mr Graham Walker and talks of his life of homelessness

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 3rd December 2018
Featuring Poets, Susan Taylor, Simon Williams and award winning artist Steve Nayar

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 19th November 2018
Featuring John Anderson, Colin Orr from the Totnes Cinema and Councillor John Birch

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 5th November 2018
Featuring Massimo de Majo, Julie Mullen and John Anderson

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 22nd October 2018
With Lyn Price, Robert Garnham and Helen Swan

Soundart Radio 102.5fm Monday 8th October 2018
Featuring Georgina Allen, Helen Beetham and Sam Richards

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Jennifer Wellwood
Jennifer Wellwood
3 years ago

Fab!! Great shows , great innitiative – great to hear lots of views and local angles…..