Picky About Sounds

I’m a music snob.

It feels good to finally say it out loud. To open up. To reveal this gift to the world! Because that’s what it is. A gift! And now you know I will, do, and have judged many an unsuspecting person on their music catalogue and playlist-making abilities. This provides useful insights into their abilities to perform other vital tasks such as making a gin and tonic correctly, cooking mushrooms so they don’t taste like mushrooms and changing a duvet cover without getting lost inside it.

And many other things!

Don’t ask me how I know this just from a person’s musical taste. I just do. It’s a gift.

My musical judginess is often on high alert when critically evaluating track selection and genre-mashing abilities, but sometimes there’s simply no excuse – a zero-tolerance policy if you will when it comes down to the inclusion of certain tracks or “artists” in your music library. For example, if for some unfathomable reason, you own tracks by Savage Garden, The Script, or singers who laugh in songs, then… well, our friendship will come to an abrupt end.

Lots of things happen in the studio

Don’t believe me? Just ask my old mate Sarah. We’ve not spoken for over a decade since she attended Backstreet Boys concert. By choice!

But as we all know, friends can be replaced easily but it’s much harder to find a new radio station once we’ve found one we love.

Why would I need to find a new radio station I hear you ask?

A presenter might leave. A programme moves to a different time slot. You finally realise hearing the news every hour might not be great for your mental health. Oh, and repetitive advertising! Now, where can you find a radio station that cannot guarantee a change in programming but can and does keep your ears safe from repetitive news and advertising interruptions? A station that offers a wide range of independently produced music programmes and topical shows that cater for a variety of tastes and quirkiness?

Yes, Soundart Radio on 102.5 FM. Established 17 years ago by Nell Harrison and Lucinda Guy due to their shared interest in the emerging UK Community Radio scene, together they visualised an arts-based station for students and staff located on the Dartington Estate, as well as for residents in the local area.

It’s fair to say Soundart Radio has grown beyond those early expectations and now has around 160 active members, of whom over half present regular shows. Members find their way into the studio via induction days, outreach projects, guest appearances and good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Lucinda Guy told us, “There have been hundreds of different programmes over the years. Lots of things happen in the studio – DJs, children chatting, researchers, live dramas, improvised music, dogs… it’s possible to list them all.

A wealth of programming

It’s worth mentioning their longest-running show, Oima: No Frag Limit, which presenters Magda and Dave have broadcast from their home in Paignton every Wednesday at 10pm since the beginning. What an achievement!

It really is impossible to list the number of independent voices Soundart Radio has provided a platform for throughout the years – maybe you’ll be the next one?

So for all you lovers of funky disco, Dup Step, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Trance Beats, Tarot Readings, Health and Wellbeing, Soundscapes, Improvisation and much more, head over to and check out all the amazing programmes Soundart Radio has to offer.

I’m sure you’ll find something you enjoy – even if you’re a music snob like me,

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