Palestine Music Expo launches crowdfunder

Palestine Music Expo logoIn Gaza today, people are clinging on to their land and their lives. However, despite an appalling collective tragedy, Gazans remain steadfast in their determination to remain with their communities with their identity stronger than ever. At the heart of that identity lies culture, which is why Palestine Music Expo (PMX) is launching a crowdfunding campaign to support the musicians and the music of Gaza.

PMX has deep connections to the music of Palestine and has been working to support the Palestinian music scene since 2016. That is why we understand how important music is to morale and to the hopes and dreams of Palestinians.


We have held five music festivals in Gaza to bring joy and healing to thousands of children in Gaza City and Khan Younis.
We have also produced three music festivals in Ramallah. Music industry professionals from around the world have come to learn about the lives of Palestinian musicians They hear the incredible talent that exists in the Palestinian music community and to offer career and networking opportunities to Palestinian musicians who cannot otherwise connect internationally.

Watar Band, Sol Band & Typo band

In 2019, much to everyone’s amazement, PMX got permission for musicians from three of Gaza’s top groups. Watar Band, Typo and Sol Band, to leave and perform outside of Gaza for the first time. In front of a two thousand-strong crowd in Ramallah. With top-tier production, they played to Palestinians from the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Israel and the Diaspora, and to our international delegates. It was a special moment of connection and solidarity for everyone there.

Sol Band in happier times
Sol Band in happier times

Music under bombs

Today, though, all those musicians are homeless and at risk, navigating perilous landscapes. Still, they continue to make music where they can, to the incessant soundtrack of deadly bombs.

We all know the most immediate needs are safety, food, water and medicine. Yet, we must also look to the future to support the courageous spirit of these people. We are asking the music community and friends to join us and support this crowdfunding campaign to help Gaza’s music creators.

Money where needed

With the help of the PMX team in Gaza and in accordance with PMX’s core principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability, all the money raised will be distributed to the artists and their families and will be used to fund music activities. Working with Amos Trust, our charity partner, we guarantee that every penny will be spent to support the musical soul of the Gazan people.


In a world drowning in sorrow, your contribution isn’t just about practical help. It’s about nurturing resilience, offering a glimmer of hope. Rebuilding lives and culture through the uplifting power of music. This is the small contribution we can make to help the people of Gaza through this nightmare. Gaza film night poster

Thank you.

Martin Goldschmidt is a co founder of Cooking Vinyl in 1986 recording an impromptu live performance around a campfire at a folk festival by the singer Michelle Shocked, on a Sony Walkman! One of its first releases, Cooking Vinyl released the recording as The Campfire Tapes, and it sold 250,000 copies worldwide.

March 18th – Palestinian film night at St. Johns, Bridgetown with the film Junction 48 ; A story about a Palestinian rapper growing up in Israel.

Afterwards a q&a over zoom with the founder of Palestinian Rap, Tamer Nafer.    Tickets available here.

Please donate here.

The Totnes Pulse is also raising funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians, The Hands Up Project and Martins group, Totnes Friends of Palestine on March 8th – Gig for Gaza 2, Civic HallTickets available here

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