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One World Different Stories – A Palestinian International Women’s Day Event

A Unique Chance on Tuesday the 8th of March at the fabulous Totnes Cinema to come along to a deliciously varied cultural evening on the theme of Palestine and International Women’s Day. Nearly Sold Out! Hurry!

  • Drama, performed and streamed live from Gaza

  • Live Music from Rasha Nahas in Haifa, and from Salfit in the West Bank, recently officially twinned with Totnes

  • Multi-award winning short film – The Present

  • Palestinian artist Malak Mattar showing and discussing some of her work from Gaza

  • A side stall focussing on life in Palestinian refugee camps

  • A full bar and some traditional Palestinian food available, too

It promises to be a one-off unforgettable night.

One of the Totnes Palestine Group organisers of the event, Martin Goldschmidt, who is also a co-founder of Palestine Music Expo, explains: “We aim to do a series of Palestinian events in Totnes throughout the year. What better day to celebrate Palestinian women’s culture than on International Women’s Day! This will be a unique evening where people can get a taste of the culture of Gaza, Jerusalem, Haifa, and the West Bank.”

Tickets, limited to 80, are very reasonably priced at £10, so snap some up for yourself and friends while available!


Doors open from 7pm

The evening will start with a showing of Farah Nabulsi’s multi-award winning short film The Present.

The Present (trailer)

Winning a BAFTA and an Oscar nomination among a long list of other honours, The Present tells the tale of Yusef on his wedding anniversary, venturing out with his young daughter in the West Bank to buy a gift for his wife. Struggling with the daily normalised challenges of soldiers, segregated roads and checkpoints, how will their shopping trip go?

This will be followed shortly after by a live link up to Gaza for a drama performance in the form of a 10-15 minute play. The Hands Up Project is a UK registered charity which, “through its network of volunteers, connects children around the world with young people in Palestine. By means of online interaction, drama and storytelling activities, it enables the use of creativity and self-expression to promote mutual understanding, personal growth, as well as the development of English language skills.”

We will then be treated to some live music from Rasha Nahas (Haifa)

The Clown by Rasha Nahas.

Plus more music from Salfit, twinned with Totnes, full details tbc.

The twinning of Totnes and Salfit (also spelt Salfeet) started just before the pandemic so all contact has so far been via Zoom; we normally meet monthly. Salfit was chosen as Totnes’s twin town as it’s very much a “green” town and has the largest olive harvest on the West Bank. It also has a keen interest in renewable energy as well as promoting women in industry. We are currently also establishing a school twining between KEVICC and the Spanish School for Girls in Salfit and are keen to promote Palestinian food in Totnes. Plans are afoot to hold a photo exhibition to exchange images of the 2 towns and to hold a Jerusalema dance link-up

Malak Mattar is an accomplished artist living in Gaza, who has grown up in a regularly bombed ‘open prison’ environment. Her work helps her to “discharge negative energy” and to “escape the fear of death”. She will join us on the main screen live online to show and discuss the meaning behind some of her art.

We also hope to have a side stall featuring a personal study in video and photographs of Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria by Soha Masoud. Taster here.


There will be a full bar open serving drinks as well as some snack Palestinian food available. Advisable to bring cash as well as card.

Funds raised will go to support the wonderful Hands Up Project, a charity founded here in Totnes by regular visitor to Palestine Nick Bilbrough, with a percentage also going to the Totnes Palestine Group who are hosting this event and hope to host many more.

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