Local band planning to change the world…

Will we break the world?

That’s the subject matter and title of 1001 instruments’ first single from their forthcoming Little Free Trees EP. The dream pop feeling of the song resonates with thoughtful lyrics
that address a topic many of us have front and centre in our minds right now, namely, the current state of our planet.

1001 instruments’ raison d’etre is to release music to promote social causes, while giving away everything they make to charity. The Little Free Trees EP is no different, except this time, they’ve taken it a step further by setting up a new charity that is the eponymous EP title.
Little Free Trees, founded by Nick Cheshire of the band, is a non-profit organisation that gives away little tree saplings to people who promise to plant them. “We wanted to do something positive that would have a lasting impact” said Nick. “Our aim is to give away 2,000,000 trees over the next few years and everything raised from our music will go directly to planting trees.”

Nick explained that he’s also raising awareness for what he describes as the most important climate conference in our world’s history, namely COP26, which will be hosted in
the UK in November and will see world leaders from 200 countries and more than 20,000 climate change specialists converge at the massive event from 9th – 20th November in

Will we break the World? will be released as a single on 28th March, while the Little Free Trees EP is out on 21st June. Find out more about 1001 instruments and Little Free Trees at www.1001instruments.org.

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1001 instruments
4 years ago

Thanks for the article guys! Readers can also listen to “Will We Break the World” on Spotify. Just google 1001 instruments and click Listen on Spotify. Stay safe everyone!

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