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Is it time to go to print?

13th October 2022

What do you think?


Cover design from the previous launch plan

We, Mark El-Kadhi and Peter Shearn, created the Totnes Pulse community website several years ago with the aim of sharing all the wonderful things the area has to offer both to the town itself and with visitors to the area. This includes the visual arts & artists, musicians, poets, support groups, town council matters and local events all kept up to date and relevant. We are also keen to draw attention to important local matters that affect all of us and the future of the town. Up to a point, this has been achieved with the website but we have always believed the area would benefit from a printed version and we have made efforts in the past that, up to now, haven’t hit the mark.

So what’s the problem?

A few to be honest.

  • The pandemic stopped pretty much everything when attempted this last time are we ready to try again?
  • Keeping up to date with good content. I have been writing articles and keeping the events pages up to date when I can. (There’s lot on at the moment).
  • Getting a wider range of input into the mix by recruiting citizen journalism. This is where local people (you?) with a range of interests, write and investigate subjects important to them and therefore to others too.
  • Money. Up to now, the whole project has been funded by Mark and myself personally, but this isn’t a viable way forward. I believe the Pulse can be self-supporting through being a free publication funded by advertising. But let’s be honest – it’s never going to be a money spinner! Therefore contributors would need to be involved for the love of it. Is there the will? I think there is. The first edition will also need a leap of faith from advertisers to fund it. We will also need to get the printed version designed, typeset and ready for printing.

Why are you telling me this?

A couple of reasons. One: Do you want to be involved in some way? Are you keen to write about local issues, events, profiles etc? We would like to include everyone both young and old. Two: We would like to know what you think.

Mockup from designs made just prior to the pandemic

We are excited to bring this project to fruition and think a well produced magazine would be fun, interesting, informative and a genuine asset to the town. It would encourage tourism promoting the wide range of events we have to offer.

Is this something you would support or is it a bad idea?

Are interested in getting involved?

Are you a potential advertiser?

Do say what you would like to see in a magazine for the town.

Thank you for reading this, we think the potential is very exciting but don’t hold back – say what you think in the comments section below…





Comment below…




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graham walker
graham walker
1 year ago

In Paignton, the local community mag is actually a commercial publication. It has a paid editor and designer. It also pays it’s distributors to deliver the mags. It is an a5 format 32 page, colour throughout publication with a distribution of 4,000 copies. From it’s 32 pages, 20 pages are ads. (which equates to over 60% ads) Ads cost approx £80 per half page, £140 per full page.
A similar mag (A5, 32 page, colour, 4,000 copies) would cost approx £1,200 to print. Because of the amount of work involved I think you would need to pay a person to do artwork, design and layout, input of articles, liaising with advertisers on Ad artwork etc. Assuming distributing is done voluntarily, and allowing for financial incidentals, I think you would need to generate an income of at least £2,200. This could be achieved by selling ads covering 14 pages (40% of pages) at an average of approx £150 per page. This still leaves 18 A5 pages for community news, What’s on etc. I am sure other bits of income could be generated by donations and small fees from other community groups wishing for their cause/event to be promoted.

Malcolm Mawby
Malcolm Mawby
1 year ago

I think could be a good idea but how is it going to be distributed. I am surprised you are not getting the interest you would like as so many people use the website to find out things .

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