Get your Pet Passports here!

From Friday 12th July 2019 at 1pm the Independent City State of Totnes will be issuing Pet Passports.

To receive your Pet Passport they will be issuing them outside the Guildhall in Totnes at 1pm on Friday 12th July. You are required to bring you pet with you or just a photo of your pet. The passports will ensure pets continue to feel all the benefits of being part of the European Union. To be eligible for a Pet Passport, pet owners will have to swear the Totnes Oath of Allegiance to the European Union, thus making them entitled to citizenship of the Independent City State of Totnes and to a Totnes Passport.

Brexit is a pile of poo.

For a pet to be entitled to a Totnes Pet Passport, pet owners will be required to emphasise that they are committed to the dignity and rights of all sentient beings.


All non-human pets, under whatever defintion you might have, are apparently eligible for a Pet Passport.

For those without Totnes Passports these will be available on the day as well as via the City State’s Facebook page (@citystatetotnes) and Twitter (@PassportTotnes).

Jonathan Cooper, a leading citizen of the Independent City State of Totnes, says:

Brexit is a pile of poo. As responsible pet owners we know how to bin poo. There’s no such thing as a good Brexit. Brexit is a dog’s breakfast. But the City State of Totnes is a haven from the menace of Brexit. Like the EU, the City State of Totnes is a community. Our pets are a vital part of our community and now our pets can have Totnes passports. The EU has achieved so much. We all benefit from the EU, and these passports are a symbol of all the EU has accomplished.

Jonathan, who is a barrister (not the ones who do coffee) continued;

Brexit should be a shaggy dog story. In crises like these it’s our pets who give us great comfort. That’s why we must make sure that our pets continue to enjoy the same rights as all other EU pets currently do.  Remembering the bad old days when, in order to travel to the UK from the Continent, our pets would have to go into quarantine, breaks my heart. Being members of the European Union has made everything so much better for everyone. Brexit isn’t a lark. This monkey business must end. Brexit must be binned. EU membership isn’t just about our pets going on holiday with us, it’s about making sure that all animals, all sentient beings, which includes all of us across the EU, have the rights, opportunities, wellbeing and peace we should be able to take for granted.


Whether your best friend is furry, feathery or scaly, you can get them a Totnes Pet Passport and say POO TO BREXIT (#Poo2Brexit). If however you are pro brexit, this probably isn’t for you.

(Poo Bags will be available.)

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