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Atmos – An Anniversary of nothing – The Dairy Crest site

Are we going nowhere?

Supporters of the Atmos project plan to redevelop the derelict Dairy Crest site are in optimistic mood as they await the result of the planning inquiry. It is being overseen by the planning inspector, Ms Hollie Nicholls. which finished last week on the 2nd February.

Fastglobe logoRuth Ben Tovim and Rob Hopkins of Atmos told a gathering outside the gates on January 27 that the “tide is turning” in their favour. They were marking four years since Essex based Fastglobe bought the site from Saputo (Dairy) UK. They had in turn had bought the site from Dairy Crest. The sale was a shock, as the Totnes Community Development Society had thought their purchase was in the bag.

The Gates to the Atmos - The Dairy Crest Site owned now by Fastglobe and The Brunel ProjectTwo Fastglobe plans to develop the site – a key part of the South Hams’ development hopes, were turned down by the council, hence the appeal.

Both sides –

Both Fastglobe and Totnes Community Builders (as the TCDS is now called) – are claiming the rival plan is not viable.

John Birch South Hams District Councillor
Cllr John Birch

TCB has received support recently from district Cllr John Birch, who wrote to the inquiry. He pledged his support for compulsory purchasing of the land should Fastglobe lose or not develop in a timely manner.

The planning inspector heard both sides and the result is eagerly awaited. Not least by Patrick Gillies, the land agent who brokered the sale to Fastglobe for the development called Brunel Park. He wouldn’t comment when I asked him how the inquiry had gone. Mr Gillies readily agree to give the Totnes Pulse an interview once the appeal result is out. He thinks it should be in four to six weeks…

The Totnes Pulse will be montoring the results of the enquiry and finding out how this affects this sad space that casts such a blight on the town of Totnes.


so watch this space!


In the meantime, what are your thoughts on this? Comment below…

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