Welcome 🙂

Totnes Pulse is a not-for-profit community magazine for the wider Totnes area, initially online with a possible paper version tbc down the line.

The site aims to offer:

1) ‘citizen journalist’ News on community issues relevant to the wider Totnes area produced by taking a pulse on local opinion, and making accessible information not readily available elsewhere.

2) Events listings and Reviews for the area covering a wide range of categories – art and crafts, film, music, live performance, kids …

3) features on People (and groups / businesses) who add colour to the community and make a positive difference to the world.


This is a fledgling developing magazine site which will – with community involvement – hopefully fill a local need.

If you’re an event host please use the Add-an-Event feature to upload full details of what’s happening when and where, with a pic or even video link.

There are some wonderful local People soon to be featured – including absolutely amazing charity-creators, artists, musicians, wonderful food producers, innovative teachers …

If you are interested in being involved yourself in any aspect please get in touch. There are many possibilities within the plan for the magazine outlined above, other ideas not mentioned yet, and of course your own imaginative ideas.

Overall, the site is intended to help all of us people living and working in the Totnes area: to be more informed about issues relevant to us and so more able to use well what democratic rights we have; to find fun and interesting ways to spend our time, often together; to hopefully respect and value a little bit more all the varied people who make up this community.

Open to suggestions for improvement 🙂


Mark El-Kadhi