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A Peace Vigil in Totnes for Gaza

The situation in Gaza has reverberated throughout the world. People feel helpless while Gaza is laid waste, tens of thousands killed and the vast majority of people rendered homeless.

On Saturday 27th January last week, A peace vigil slowly marched in silence. Quietly walking from Baltic Wharf by the Dart up to the Dartington estate. Pauses were made to stand in poignent silence.

Totnes to Dartington

Gaza in red comparative to Israel
Gaza in red comparative to Israel

The length of the march, from Totnes to Dartington, represented the width of the Gaza strip at it’s narrowest. The area is regarded by the international community as occupied since Israel invaded during the Suez Crisis in 1956

Currently in Gaza

The apparent determination of Benjamin Netanyahu to destroy Hamas followed the vicious incursion into Israel and abductions on October 8th last year. This has resulted in the killing of more than 26 thousand Palestians including more than 17 thousand women and children. Israel has suffered more than a thousand deaths.

The UK and US have resisting calling for a ceasefire and Netanyahu has clearly stated that a two state solution is not an option. The International Court of Justice also stopped short of calling for a ceasefire whilst ruling that describing this situation as a genocide is ‘plausable’.

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